Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A layer of crud from two feet to the floor.

Never in one million years did I ever think I would have 2 one year olds.  I also never realized how much sticky messy crud can accumulate on everything from the floor up two feet.

Mr. Handsome (the name suits him perfectly) joined us over a month ago. He is sunshine in the form of a one year old curly haired Puerto Rican nugget of joy. Bean wasn't sure of what to make of him for the first few weeks. We battled with her constantly wanting to sit on him.. roll over him.. or just push him over. Yes, the first time she steamrolled him it was mildly entertaining.. the 19th.. not so much.

My beautiful wife and I have had our struggles parenting two babies. This is no easy task and I commend those who have done it and are doing it. Finding even 5 minutes of time that is JUST her and I has been a challenge.  I miss our time together. I know that things will never get back to "pre kiddo" but I do know that my love and desire for a life with her has not and will not change. I can appreciate the pre-kid stuff.. I love the during kid stuff.. and I look forward to when the kids are older and we can have conversations with them without hand gestures or sung words.

She is my person. I choose her.

This journey through foster care has tested us and taken us to our limits-- and then five minutes later-- we have experienced the most amazing high from our kids.