Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Did I say a 30 day notice?

In my last post I ended it by saying that the Ward house thrives on change. Hell yes, we do.  New twist:  I have an interview for a part time job in Appleton in a few weeks.  No matter what, we are putting the house up for sale and heading north.  Twist(x2): I have to keep this job in order to get through the closing (once it is sold, of course) THEN I will be putting in my notice. 

I get all dreamy and butterfly stomach-y just thinking about it... thinking about a day without blatant sexism, doing the work of 3 other positions on top of my own, not having to miss out on my children's day-to-day, creating a clean and inviting home for my wife and friends...the list is really endless.

I need to find out what saint you bury upside down in your yard to get your house to sell. 

As for the weight loss.. I am down 70lbs.  I kind of am seeing it in my face.  I had some really horrid pictures taken of me in the last several days, so I am right back to baggy clothes and avoiding mirrors.