Friday, June 19, 2015

Grown up kid puke

Today was the first day that we had a child old enough to puke real, big kid, food  half digested puke. 

I had just dropped of Eme at her daycare and was on the way to drop off Dario and Cora at their daycare.  I was at the stoplight thinking about what I was going to have to deal with at work.  New trainees, a pile of "to do", putting the kabash on office drama and having a Come to Jesus talk with one of my CSR's. 

Then I heard this gushing noise from the backseat.  I turned my head to find vomit shooting out of my sweet Cora's face.

I didn't scream.

Immediately rolled down my window, pulled into a parking lot and freaked out via text to Traci.  I didn't want Cora to hear me freaking out about the pile of chunks all over her lap and the chair. 

OKAY HONEY!! YOU ARE OKAY!!! *in an overly happy tone that did not correlate at all with the event* *rolling down the rest of the windows* RELAX, DONT TOUCH IT, MAMA IS GONNA MAKE IT BETTER.

I started to cold sweat.

It didn't get on Dario. 

He was going to school. 

I was traumatized and I needed a hose.

They is just going to have to understand that wherever we go they are going to have to travel with buckets on their laps.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

All the things

Big things happen after two people get hitched.. legally.

We are on the job hunt, painting walls and going to move up 'nort.  It was solidified after I watched my wife chopping wood with her newly purchased AXE for her fire pit.  We live in the middle of a city.

She was in 7th heaven.  I thought to myself... there is no going back now.

Update: Toddlers still suck.

              Then 32 seconds later they are hilarious

              We are at an age where there is more suckage then hilarity. 

I am typing with one eye open. So tired.