Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Save the Date

I finally got the call about my surgery date.

November 5th.

They will be calling me the night before with the time I need to be at the hospital.  Odds are I will be getting ZERO sleep that night.

I finally "came out" of the Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) closet at work.  I was not telling anyone at work because I felt like it was none of their business.  Though, when I really sat down and thought about it- it wasn't because it wasn't any of their damn business (which- really- well- it isn't) but I feel so ashamed about my weight.  It has been something I just avoid talking about. I avoid THINKING about. I avoid LOOKING at.  Then I thought- oh for fuck's sake... this is a GOOD thing.  I am taking control of my health for ME. I do nothing for myself. This is going to be my big thing.

They took it well.  I actually made up a  big story about how I was having a sex change operation and that I would like to be called Derek after I came back to work. They just kind of looked at me for a moment and then the owner of the company says "oh fuck you- you are not".  Laughing ensued.  They know I would never want to be a dude. I don't know anything about dudes.

Between now and the big day I will be busy with typical toddler ridiculousness which includes trying to potty train two three year olds at once (yay me), more doctors appointments and major house cleaning as I am sure there will be people coming over to corral the kids for us so Traci can take care of me.

I am so ready for this. SO STINKING READY.  At night I have been having dreams of being able to cross my legs, running a 5K and wearing yoga pants while actually doing yoga.  Mind boggling.

So, let the count down begin.. 21 more days.

I'm trying not to have a poogency every time I think about it.

Peace out.