Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lets not go back there, k?

The little Peanut Butter is on the mend. The nurses were so kind to him while we were there and every single one of them commented on how freakin' cute he is. I wanted to feel proud.. But I have nothing to do with that lol. I did feel proud, though, when he would show off his smiles and giggles... That's me. I will take responsibility for his happiness :)

My girl was there too. You know she digs you and your foster son when she squeezes her almost 6ft frame on a 4 ft couch.

PB is out of daycare for a week. That flippin' germ house.

I need to get Internet. Blogging from.a phone is re-donk. My thumbs ache.


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. it is so good to find another foster parent's blog! . As I read over your last posts, I can completely relate to what you are experiencing. The foster care system is wack in our state too. Looking forward to follwoing along your journey.

    Mommies in the Making

  2. Lol, didn't they tell you the couch folds into a bed?

  3. I'm glad he's better, and I wish you rest vibes and him complete recovery vibes.