Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Foster Care System

Is a total mind fuck. Excuse the language.

Yesterday morning I get an email from the caseworker for The Bean stating that the bio mom is moving to 3 visits a week- and then she will go to community visits.

Mom is 17, a foster child herself, can't read or write and has severe mental issues. We were called as The Beans adoptive resource. We were on the ADOPTION LIST to avoid situations like this.

I literally feel like my head is going to explode. I am over this. I am over missing work and running this child everywhere and bending over backwards for this system who is screwing the foster parents over just as much as they are screwing the foster KIDS over. 

I have this feeling in my gut that a year from now we are going to be kid-less and have to start collecting cats, pie tins for our heads and begin gardening so we have a place to put our uterus's when they fall out.


  1. I don't want you to be childless. :(

  2. Once again, your posts are coming to me late. Your last two just appeared.
    You will be okay. Stop your frettin'! I believe that the BMom won't be coming back. She's just hanging on just to be a pain. Stick it out!

  3. I am sorry this is such a struggle and I can see how frustrating it is for you, in many ways. I hope it all works out for you and these little children you are taking care of!