Tuesday, July 2, 2013

surviving a one year old.

Traci and I took Bean to the great up nort' this past weekend. Traci's friend, Sara, was kind enough to open her family "cottage" on one of 3124 lakes in northern Wisconsin. It was absolutely beautiful. They all were SO FREAKING NICE. That kind of nice that you just want to drink in -- in hopes that you will some how soak in some of it yourself. I am always trying to remember to be nicer to people. That is another story, though.

One thing I learned over this weekend: vacationing with a one year old really isn't a vacation. It is pretty much you walking behind the one year old making sure she doesn't stick her hand in a fire, eat a bug, fall off the cement stairs or go running down the dock full speed (happened. Wasn't cute with this fat mama chasing after her. Who knew 1 year olds could run cheetah speed?).

For Traci this location is very important. She spent many hours here with her bestie as they were growing up. You should see the joy in her eyes as we prepared to go, driving there and finally as we were able to drive up. She freely spoke about her memories and shared funny stories along with the rest of the group. It really was great.

Bean is amazing. She is a funny independent soul.  She has the attention span of a gnat. She loves to blow kisses, wave hi and bye and give hi-fives. She can shake her groove thang clap along to any song.

She blows my mind and I am completely in love with our daughter.

And on the 19th she will be getting a brother :)


  1. Slick how you threw that last line in there to make sure we were reading until the end. :o) Congrats on all accounts, the weekend and new little one.

  2. Awwww, another little one! Congratulations!! I'm happy you had a nice "restful" vacation! ;)