Saturday, July 18, 2015

Word is spreading


I have joined a bunch of Weight Loss Surgery groups on Facebook.  To see everyone's transformations are so encouraging.
I have decided on my "pre" photo.
It is going to be me puffing up as much as possible. Looking the fattest I can possibly look.  Something like this:
Image result for jabba the hutt
Wearing a tube top and spandex. Looking horrific. Side ponytail- maybe a fanny pack.  Knee high sports socks. 
My thinking is that every picture I have after that is going to look FAR better than that one.  Everyone is going to be like.. "HOLY CRAP! WHAT AN AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!"
And little by little the tube top will get too big, the tube socks will start slouching, the fanny pack would need to be slung over my shoulder. 
It's going to be epic.
I have a couple of more appointments this coming week.  Dietician and Psych evaluation.  ONE psych evaluation.  I am thinking.. it took 40 years of issues with food. I am going to need some psych help after the surgery too. 
More things of things I look forward to:
Putting on tights like a human
There will be more things.. I am 100% sure of it.

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