Monday, September 7, 2015


I have one friend who had gastric bypass.  She and her husband are now getting a divorce. 

There are those that say that rate of divorce increases dramatically after WLS.  I honestly think those relationships had many issues prior to the surgery.  I cannot imagine not having my wife by my side through all of this. I want to look good for HER too. 

This week has been a challenge.  I have overeaten quite a bit.  Each time I have something I go through this process that is kind of... saying goodbye.  Breaking up with food is going to be tough. It is always there for me. A friend, comfort, a get away. 

This surgery I am having is going to be a TOOL.  A tool that I can't simply just use when I want.  It is a forever change. FORRREEVVEERRR.  It isn't a guarantee.  It isn't going to be an easy fix. 

Even with all that in mind- I am ready.  READY!

I have my last nutritionist appointment on Wednesday.  Hopefully then we go forward with submitting to insurance!

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  1. I think so many couples break up because one is "better looking" than the other and probably get more attention from interested people and those eating habits that YOU BOTH have no longer hold true for one person. It WILL BE an adjustment and hopefully your wife will also live healthier.