Thursday, May 2, 2013

I want her hair.

Have you heard of Glennon Melton? She has written the book Carry on Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed. She also is the blogger at - I want to say she is AMAZING and AWESOME and a freakin' ROCK STAR .. but what I like best about her is that she seems like just a random woman that might as well be living down on 124th St  She has over come some crazy crap in her life and she is finding herself working it all out while sharing her journey on her blog and in her book. She never claims to have it all together... not even for a moment. She could be the leader of the "sometimes I am awesome and sometimes I suck as a woman/mom/human" movement. But she does it all with a positive spin and idea that maybe this moment isn't exactly how we would like it but there is a new moment starting.. NOW.

And, man,  she has great hair.

After reading something she has written, I almost feel like I have a chance. No matter what people show outwardly, they all have challenges brewing inside. It is their choice if they want to share them with us. I wish more people would.. it might make the rest of us feel a tiny  bit more comfortable with the idea of sharing ours-- then we could all sit down and have a glass of wine and laugh about all the similarities we have between us... and realize that we are all warriors in this go-around.


  1. Yes it is always good/comforting to find out you are not the only one struggling, with anything. I know usually write about the fun and the sunny side of life but there are plenty of dark and stormy days.

    I will have to check out her blog and her hair now too.

    Let's vow to be warriers from now on!