Friday, January 2, 2015

Being a Mom to toddlers

Is quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever ever ever done.

No. For sure.

For SURE it is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Here is the thing in foster land, though.... my friends are moms of two TIMES as many toddlers as I have. So, when I go to them with issues or frustrations, I know that behind their smiles and warm advice they are looking at me like.. GUURRRRLLLL you got it EASY.

Traci and I are going through this mad cycle of different disciplining techniques.  Yesterday we were doing the 1-2-3 Magic thing.. which was fine. The amount of yelling went down tremendously - until Cora hauled off an slapped me across the face.  I kind of lost my 1-2-3 Cool.  The worst part is that I know it is me. I know that it is my own issues that get my kids riled up and me going outside to cool off. Whoever forgot to pass along the Parenting How -To book really sucks. A lot.

But! Today is a new day. The morning went pretty darn well up until I realized Dario hid his shoes... and that Baby E can crawl between rooms... and that Cora.. well.. she was just Cora. She hid in a corner and refused to go until I gave her some of a poptart. I gave in. Secretly I wanted to hide in the corner with her and hope that no one would even notice.

But- we got it... They got to daycare. I got to work. Life went on.

In my gut I think that 2015 is going to have some major changes coming.  The beginning of a new year means endless possibilities!

Happy 2015 !

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  1. I posted a super long comment and it's gone. It's hard, hang in there, you're the boss, parent each child how they need to be parented, it's ok to give in sometimes, pick your battles, etc. you are doing great!