Sunday, January 4, 2015

Finally. A cold that is kicking my ass.

I knew that it would happen this winter and that I wasn't in the clear because it just turned January and we really should be over with winter come March. 

This cold may be the end of me.  Thankfully Traci takes awesome care of me and let's me sleep extra.  

Today has been a good day with The Toddlers.  I got up with them at 6am and let T-Ma sleep in. We played with stuffed animals, had a dance party and had some breakfast.  I am taking their cues today- I noticed when they started walking around just kind of looking for could see the glimmer of naughtiness in Dario's eyes... So I got on the floor with them and played with some was fun! Cora is super good at pretending - it was pretty cool to see her wheels spinning. 

They were super excited to watch T-Ma change their rooms around. 

Now.. They are napping *knock on wood*.  

So far so good- I am going to take some cough medicine and join them in lala land.

Edit: well that ended quickly. I stopped typing, Traci motioned me into Coras room- where she was standing with poop in her hand. I gave her a cold shower, cleaned it up and cried in the bathroom. 

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