Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My frustration

With the child welfare system here has grown 10 fold over night.

I received a call from a visitation worker last night -- court was to decide if this baby would even stay in foster care. The judge decided that he would... But has added another supervised visit in her home...every week. Per the worker...they will be taking place every Saturday.

No caseworker could tell me what this court case was about...but I received a call from the visitation worker who knew everything? The one that is working on a third party contract which is up in January and won't even be employed at that point...SHE knows it all???

I emailed the one case worker that actually returns emails and I explained that I completely understand that I am a foster mom and have no voice or rights and that this baby can leave at any moment...but for someone to not even notify me that a decision like that was being made is simply unacceptable. That I may only be a foster parent, but I still should be able to have a moment to process things like this.

What is completely fucked up is that BM has 3 other kids in FC. One who she is actively having visitations with... But this baby is the one who is being put into her care on a more regulated basis? An un-medicated, delusional, mentally ill woman who has no phone, job or form of transportation.

Yes. My frustration is going through the roof right now.

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  1. That is such BULLSHIT. It's so not fair to foster parents to not even give them a heads up! I am praying that it all works out in the end for the little man--and by that, I mean he ends up with you if BM can't get her act together.