Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mama got some new shoes.

I needed some retail therapy the other day, so we packed up and headed to the mall. My dad has always been a big componant of retail therapy and he is actually the one to teach me about it. When I think about it, I laugh. He has taught me so much... I wish I would have listened to more.

Anyways- I looked at my ragg'd old shoes I was wearing and immediately headed to the shoe department at Boston Store.

I bought far too many for far too much.

Today I have a high version of a lesbian loafer on. Well structured. Black. Lesbian sheik. I have my boot cut dark jeans, a cute sweater, funky necklace, make up and my herrr is did.

The other day I actually put on some make up and Traci said to me... "honey, what are you doing different... your eyes look soft and there is black stuff on your eyelashes.... you look so pretty!" she is such an adorable butch. God I love her. That made me realize that I have gotten into "mommy mode" and a picture of me could have, at any time, been shown on a crappy daytime talk show with a black bar over my eyes as the "DON'T BE THIS WOMAN" example.

I function better when I feel better.

Side note: PB came home yesterday from his bio mom's visit dressed in a horse outfit. Granted, he was the cutest stinkin' horse around. Mane, tail, hooves and all. I ooh'd and aahh'd over him.. she was VERY proud. She said she thought that this was a good option for him to wear while it was too warm to wear his snow suit and not warm enough to just go with a light jacket.

Well.. okay.. she was thinking. A horse costume wouldn't have been my first choice...  but it is good that she was thinking about PB.


  1. ahem. a horse costume? that's the best thing i've heard today. p.s. i need to see it.

  2. i laugh every time I think of the horse Halloween costume?? HA! Love it!