Saturday, March 3, 2012

One simple question...

And the next second...

I'm getting married...

I love sitting on the couch with Traci at night. In the quiet we sit as I rub lotion on her hands and we talk about our day.

Two nights ago we were enjoying this time and we got on the topic of weddings. She asked if I would ever marry her. I said of course I would. She is that a yes? And I sort of looked at her. Then she pulled the box out of her pocket and asked one more time.

The moment was perfect. Just she and I. We hugged and kissed and cried.

Then the rush started ... Texting emailing... Phone calls.

People have been so kind and I think genuinely excited for us... I have burst into tears about 27 times thinking about how NICE everyone is.

Here is a picture of the ring... But it is what is in the background (if you can see it) that REALLY matters :)


  1. What a Wonderful year 2012 is turning out to be for you! So happy for your growing family!!!

  2. I have everything planned. You DID want my help, right?
    And I noticed what was in the background right away...after I stopped being jealous over the ring. I'm so happy for you!