Saturday, March 24, 2012

Next week

In the midst of working non stop at an expo, I will be speaking with the new case worker.. and will have a meeting with the GAL.  I have a feeling I will be finding out lots of new information. I will keep you updated on what kind of information.

PB was wonderful today-- even with snot dripping out of his nose and sleep deprived... he and I sang songs and he laughed... it was a wonderful laugh. The kind that isn't baby and on the verge of big boy. It was a wonderful moment... I was sitting on the couch and he was standing as I held him facing towards me. I swayed him back and fourth as I sang "You Are My Sunshine".  He laughed and laughed.. it was perfect.

Now I am going to put my feet up and take these dumb clothes off and get into an old lady moo moo.
And if you think I don't have an old lady moo moo you are wrong. I love it and I call it my moomzy.

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  1. Those ARE great moments. Makes me remember those sweet moments with my kids. Makes me miss the cuddliness of them too. My baby still hugs and kisses me but the big boy is too old for that. Sad. Enjoy them, (I KNOW you are,) because they grow up so damn fast. Before you know it he'll be 10 1/2 and too "old" to hug and kiss you. :( I miss you. I didn't know you were at the expo this weekend. Explains the lack of email!