Monday, March 5, 2012


It is sad that my parents nor sisters really have said anything. My sisters at least sent a "yay." text.

My parents....silence.

I will give them their time. But I won't regret sharing with them, or the decision to marry her.


  1. I'm sorry you got silence from those folks - here's hoping a whole chorus of YAY finds its way to you from all over the place. May you be surrounded by YAY, and may your love grow and expand, and may all the love around you reach toward you both and surround you. YAY!!!!!!

  2. They'll come around.
    You need to believe me.
    It's just hard for people to change. They still love you.

  3. I only told my dad, via email, 2 weeks ago that I had a civil union cermony in 2002. He has not said anything about it. I told my mom 5 years ago and she still will not talk about it. Funny how the people who should be excited about it the most are often the first to not accept such happy news.
    I am totally stoked for you and just think it is wonderful!

  4. I can't know I have it planned already, right?