Monday, June 11, 2012

eyes are widening..

With PB we have been lucky to get a couple of caseworkers that will give us information if talked to in the correct manner. Thankfully I have sales in my background and because of that understand how to communicate with different personality types. This has worked in my favor a few times.

I think in Bean's case, it is going to be a little bit more difficult. I have yet to meet her, and she is brand-spankin' new out of school. It sounds like she is completely overwhelmed, and doesn't know her right foot from left. But maybe that is the situation for most of the bureau.  Case in point... we have realized that I am only licensed for one child, Traci's license hasn't been completed yet.  How in the world do we have this little Bean in our home? It is crazy how similar both BM's stories (from what I know so far) are.  I think she is absolutely meant to be with us. 

Her eyes are widening. It is adorable. I don't think she got much attention in the group home that mom abandon her in. We aren't sure exactly how long she was there. I believe a number of weeks. You can already see her starting to change with the attention and love we have been able to shower on her.

I have made a promise to myself to not get so caught up in the mama drama. I have no control over it anyways. I don't want to miss a moment of these kiddos.  I am going to figure out how to use the dumb little video camera thing I have and we are going to fire it up. I am going to take 234283 pictures with a real camera and GET THEM DEVELOPED I will put them in books and frames love every moment of being a crafty mom.



  1. Wow! You're amazing! I'm so happy for you and how your life is evolving. :)

  2. What's new today? Blog some more! It was sooooooooo good to see you, T, PB and Bean! Gosh, I miss you!