Sunday, June 24, 2012

who would have thought?

I should have been more honest with myself when we said okay to this new kiddo. 

For some reason that I am totally unsure of, I thought it was going to be relatively easy. How wrong can one person be? Because I was THAT wrong.  I thought hey.. we were just through all of this just 42 seconds ago with hard can it be with this little bean? She is SUCH a different baby (of course- duh) and is pretty much opposite of PB when he was 2 months.

Traci and I have had a rough week. The lack of sleep and horrible diet has absolutely caught up with us. Even with the challenges, I absolutely would not want to be on this journey with anyone else. 

The Bean is laying here in my arms kind of balancing on the table as I type this. Overall, even when I am at the brink of madness at 2am.. I have to remember that she is a blessing. God brought her to us for a reason and we will do everything in our power to make sure she is loved and supported in everything she does.

We have two children here that come from long lines of dysfunction. Now, I am no saint and my past isn't paved with jellybeans, but I think we can break the cycle... or at least give it a good college try.

Now I have to go learn about how I take care of this little beans hair. There are so many rules!

I love that she is just laying here staring at me. I think she likes the sound of the keyboard.

In other news, PB is crawling like CRAZY and pulling himself up on everything. He is chuck full of personality and always has a smile on his face. His giggle is infectious.  I wish I could share it with you all. Maybe someday.



  1. Casey, don't hate me, hate my Google Reader. Just this second, 5 of your last posts just appeared in my Reader. I apologies but I rely heavily on that Reader to let me know what his happening and who is updating.
    Sadly, I have no idea what is happening with you and your Family. Can you please email me and update me.
    I feel horrible not following you because so much is happening with you guys these days.
    Your Friend, if you'll still have me, m.

  2. I can only imagine.. D just turned two and the idea of another one while exciting still scares us.. soon though..soon. Enjoy you little bean.