Saturday, June 9, 2012

Suddenly a family of four

Two days ago Traci and I were sitting on the porch after a really crappy day. We were playing with PB and just trying to relax after the day. I looked at PB and thought to myself... maybe one is enough. Let's find out what happens to him first.. and if he doesn't stay with us, go back on a list.

Then we slept, then I went to work.. and then the phone call came. They have a baby. 2 months old. Mom is 17 and in foster care herself. AWOL all the time- was in a group home, now in Juvenile Detention. Prostitute.. no idea who the father is.

Of course we said bring her to us.

How could we not?

After 24 hours, I am warming up to this little squished face, chubby cheek soul.  She sure is different than PB, but wonderful all the same.

Oh. And she isn't 2 months. She is SIX WEEKS.

Traci is taking off a week, we will get daycare lined up for her, and she will be good to go!

Meanwhile.. the drama never stops with PB's BM.  She is always there.. in the background.. doing everything BUT the things she needs to do to get her kiddos back.  I can't say I am upset about this.

This weekend is Milwaukee's Pride weekend.. usually I would be in the middle of my 7th drink, running into people down at the lakefront.. doing some serious people watching and just acting a fool.

This year.. well.. a bit different. I just went and picked up our "limo" .. a double stroller. We are going to pack up the crew and head down to the lakefront just for a bit. It is hot out today. Maybe shop for a min.. see who we run into, and then head over to my cousins for a little birthday gathering.

People want to meet our new addition.. and I am excited to share her.

She needs lots of love. She has a lot of growing and thriving to do!


  1. Yay! I can't wait to see her! Send me a better picture! You just lover her up and she'll be just fine!

  2. How awesome for your family! Congrats!!!