Monday, October 8, 2012

moving in 1 days +1.

We had to push the move date back one day.  After a weekend of too much to do between tears, it just isn't going to happen tomorrow.  We are now shooting for Wednesday. 

Let me just say that my parents rocked it this weekend with Bean.  They volunteered to take this 5.5month diva for the whole day on Saturday. They are 74 years old. I didn't give them enough credit and gave them an opportunity to back out. When they dropped her off they were beaming and I think my dad really loved every moment about it. Now they are off to warmer weather, and I desperately want to visit them this year. I think it would be wonderful to be able to take Bean to see some palm trees.

Now she gets to go spend the next two days with Grandma up north.  She is an excellent Grandma.. Traci keeps saying she is a better grandma than mom. After hearing stories from her childhood and seeing her in action with the grand kids.. I am going to think that is probably true.

So, here is to packing the rest of the apartment after work in the next two days.  I am almost out of tears, so I am hoping this will go quickly.

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