Thursday, November 8, 2012

I wonder if they sell motivation on Ebay?

There must be some sort of special pill. I need it. For a good portion of my work day I simply sit here fake working.

Man. I hope someone from work doesn't run across this blog.

But I am sure they wont. They are more of the "where is ladies night on Tuesday-Milwaukee" googling type.  Oh great. Now they are going to google THAT and this blog will pop up. Oh well.

I used to love doing my job. Now I sit in an office alone, and I am my own boss. That sucks. I mean. It is great. No. It isn't. It sucks. I want to be out thheerrreee.... ----> with everyone else.. laughing about od'ing on NyQuil and pooping your pants... or.. having to pee so bad on your way back from up-nort that you had to pull over and pee in a farmers field *.  We are VERY professional here.

 I don't mind the un-professionalness of it all, as I visit customers at their offices and I walk in and it is soooo quiet that I immediately regret wearing shoes that make farting noises when I walk... as you could hear a pin drop. Then there are the sassy employees that have a radio playing softly in their cubicle. Rule benders. That kind of environment would put me over the freaking edge. That would mean no more diet coke.... I burp! No more chewing gum.... I wouldn't be able to blow bubbles! No more fried chicken at my desk... (actually- I just overheard that phrase said in my office). 

So yeah, I need to find my motivation. I need this crazy ass completely politically incorrect workplace. It feeds my soul.

Tomorrow I will try multivitamins. Hopefully they will give me energy instead of just making me constipated.

* = very true former conversations in the office.

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