Friday, November 25, 2016

4 children later.

Big mail day in the hizzy.. BIG DAY.

I got my updated drivers license with our new address in the mail.  I was 85lbs heaver in the photo.  I am waiting for the day that someone looks at my license and says.. my goodness.. that doesn't even look like you! Then and only then will I go into the DMV for a new photo.  We also got Emme's new birth certificate in the mail. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL. Traci is listed as a parent. MAJOR. MAAAAJOOOORRR. Finally, we got a letter stating our foster license is closed.

We are our own family.


No social workers.

No GALs.


It saddens me that we no longer carry a foster license.  For 5 years, that has been part of our identity.  Part of our intro.  Now what? We are just two chics with 3 kids. End of story.

On another note, I sent out Thanksgiving cards... PRIOR to Thanksgiving.  I am fucking killing it here.


HA RIGHT.  I just dug gum out of Cora's mouth that she found in a wrapper in the garbage.

Also.. we are starting to live a more minimalistic life... we are going through all the kids toys and they don't have many left. I absolutely love how this has allowed them to really use their imaginations. Now I need to get over their mess.. that is far from minimalistic. 

SS Minnow 


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