Thursday, November 17, 2016

rant. woah-ez me.

I have to remember, somehow, that I am not the first parent that feels the way I do.

I am not the first parent that feels like her kids are running the house, that her walls will never be clean again, that the talking back and screaming and hitting and biting and just all around REDONK is never ending.

I am not the first parent that wants her life back.  I miss doing what I want when I want. I miss having friends. I miss going to bed and not struggling to sleep while being kicked by a 2 year old all night.

I am not the only one with a four year old that is as stubborn and impossible to parent.. and actually contributes to my desire to "go out to get a gallon of milk".

I am not the first parent to spin in place, thinking about the laundry, what to feed the kids, cleaning the house, paying the bills and about the jobs she has outside of the house...until you go numb and completely useless.

I am on overload.

But I am not the first parent to feel this way.  I have a long line of amazing parents before I ever got this title.  They were in FAR more difficult situations than I am in.

I need to summons their power.

Is there some sort of crystal or magic powder I can buy in order to do this? I will save all of my pennies for it sell all of my worldly possessions.. sell my plasma. WHATEVER IT TAKES because this mama needs to up her Prozac and have a glass of wine before I lose my goddamn mind.

PS. As I am typing this, my 2 year old asks to put big girl undies on.  done. now she is hiding in her pooping place.  Awesome.

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