Tuesday, November 1, 2016

check in

Jesus. Time to get this rolling again. I finally feel like my life at a place where that can happen.  We are all settled in Appleton.  The kids are in 4K and Emme is in daycare.  I absolutely love my job and I am also working a second job cleaning at the health club at night.  Just 2 hours a night for three nights a week.  I am by myself.  It is quiet. I can think.

Traci and Sara finished our bedroom and they are putting the finishing touches on the room downstairs.  I am not yet sure how the decorating will all play out. I am in no hurry.  This house feels like home.  We aren't going anywhere.  It is AMAZING to have Greg and Maurice next door and family just a few minutes away.

The kids love it. They love playing outside. Sara brought them a big play yard and they adore it.

I am working out- and have started running. Traci is still at the moving company- but that wont be forever. Only until we get her health figured out.


We so effing GOT THIS.

I even took them out trick or treating BY MYSELF yesterday...and I didn't even take my prozac.

We got through a bunch of houses before it just got too cold and Emme ended the experience by tantruming in the front yard, throwing her bucket of candy everywhere, tearing off her costume and jacket and running around screaming.  It was quite a performance!

We had two different Doc McStuffins in the hizzy and an Iron Man! 

I'm ready to keep this good feeling going! 

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