Thursday, September 27, 2012

All adult-n-shit.

In 3 short hours we have the final walk through of the house. Holy crap.

In 22 hours from now I have the closing the house.  Holy crap.

I suppose I should start packing, eh?

I am sure there are people out there that have grown up knowing that they were going to get married, own a home, have a couple of kids and all that fun stuff. I never was that girl. I figured I would have a kid or two, but knew I never had to give birth. I always thought I would be a renter because I didn't have enough faith in my abilities to buy a home of my own.

Looking back on this past year since Traci has come into my life, dreams have been unearthed and fulfilled. How freaking lucky am I? VERY!

So, Bean's mom is still AWOL. I wonder at what point they just say-- "eh.. yanno.. if she wanted the kiddo she probably would be doing what she needs to do to get her back... or at the very least stick around for more than two weeks at a time."  It is all very eye opening and a little sad. At least PB has a mom that will fight for him... even if she is a little looney bins. Bean's mom doesn't fight. There will be a day that she will ask me. How do I tell her? OH, honey bun... your mom.. well.. she may have loved you. But she REALLY loved getting paid for sex. oh.. did she WANT you? well... no.. she never came back. She just ran away at every chance she could ... with different men... she liked parties. Not the ice cream and cake kind of party.

Yeah. I am going to have to polish up that story.


  1. Congratulations on the house!! I would LOVE to own a house someday, enjoy it!!

    I hope that Bean is in line to become yours forever.

  2. AREN'T closing on the 29th? Well, WE are having a cake and ice cream kind of party! Come on over!