Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yes. I CAN be a pain in the ass.

I have reached out to anyone who will listen to me about PB.

I just got a call from the director of the the bureau of child welfare. She was very kind and explained they have no legal standing when it comes to foster kids.

This makes me cringe.

HUH? how can the BUREAU of CHILD *WELFARE* have no legal standing? She explained that the
D.A. makes all the decisions. She has informed her legal team about PB's situation and they are making "recommendations". But apparently they are being told to shove off.

I just sit here shaking my head.

In not so many words she told me to back off....that there is a fine line between being heard and being a nuisance.


We are lucky that BM wants contact with us. We will take advantage of that as much as we can to make sure PB is okay... and dammit... if we have to support him long distance.. that is what we are going to do. He will not suffer because of some lawyers who took 15 minutes to look at his file... and decide they knew it all...then sign an agreement with BM's attorney that they will not go for a protective custody order. 

This is NOT the last time the bureau will hear from me. I am NOT finished with the GAL and the ADA's. My voice will be heard. These kids deserve so much more!

PB doesn't have a horrible birth mom. At least she will fight for her kids. She loves them. I have to give her credit for that. Beans mom is AWOL again. This is the 4th time that she has ran since Bean has been born. But still... reunification is the goal.


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