Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2 kids who have the runs = shitty times.

Ohh my sides. That joke. Hardeeharhar.

Yup. Both kids are sick.

I think God is trying to send us a message that 2 kids are/is (??) 1 kid too much for us.
We hear you God.

BM had an unsupervised visit yesterday.  She sent back the communication notebook mapping out EVERYTHING they did. I read it... and I actually felt pretty damn good about it. She might be a better mom than me.

At least she has all day to do things with him and doesn't have to go to a pesky job (bitter sarcasm).

We are starting to realized that THIS is ACTUALLY happening.  We have no control over it. Either we can remain bitter bitchy women.. or go forward. Realized we ROCKED it out .. and PB is a stinkin' awesome kid.

Oh. And that he will RUN HER over. He is BEYOND a nix-noox.

She wants us to be part of PB's life. Traci and I remain firm in our stance and believe that we cannot see him.  It would be far too hard.  We were thinking, though-- maybe we could send care packages or something like that.  I am not sure of the reason WHY we would do it, outside of the fact that it would just make us feel good.

This weekend is his first overnight weekend visit. It is going to be hard..  but I think this schedule was not only laid out for him and to make his transition a little easier... but for us too.  Little by little until he is gone. 

The Bean's mom ... is.. um.. well...is challenged.

She believes that we are in charge of when and where we can drop her daughter off for her to keep her overnight "for weeks", and we should go to the judge and tell him/her to put BM on probation and that we are going to give Bean back to her. She is completely in denial about what is going on and even more so.. WHY it is going on. I can't imagine that she will be around for a long period of time.  The sad thing is that soon she will be 18 and have no one hunting her down or giving her a place to live. 

She has also asked us to pierce Beans ears, to start giving her bottles of ice cold tap water, and to not allow her to put her fingers in her mouth.

Yeah -  I will get right on it.
It has been slipping my mind that along with everything else that is going on ... we are going to be home owners at the end of September.. and we have to MOVE in October... and then we are getting MARRIED in March. Oh.. and squeeze in a California trip and a Florida trip in there, too.

This weekend I am going to a wedding with my Rebs. There are going to be 14 different DJ's spinning- and an open bar. Mama's gonna have to get some new dancin' shoes and go woop it up!!!! Traci is going to be taking The Bean up north to see her bestie... it is going to be a GREAT weekend.. I wont allow anything else.


  1. i know you've been secretly wanting to pierce her ears since you got her. Green Light!

  2. @Angie.. you can take her. I will be napping in the quiet. :)