Friday, August 17, 2012

working through this.

We have had a couple of days to let this settle in.

Traci and I have to be honest with ourselves... we always thought this might happen. We have to step back and realize how awesome it has been that we have been able to see this kid grow right in front of our eyes.

Yesterday he took three steps at daycare. We want it to happen on our watch.. we want to be there for his first word.. his first steps.. we have one month to make it happen.

God works in magnificent ways.

It clicked the other day ..

1.  We found a church we love after looking for a while.. and we will need the support of those there.
2.  The way this house is working out- we will be able to move in with a fresh slate... it would have
     been horrible to move in and THEN find out this information.. and have to take his room down
     and de-Peanut Butter.
3.  We have baby C. She will now be an only child.. and will be spoiled rotten.
4.  We have each other. I know that I wouldn't have been able to do this with anyone else other
     Traci. Mic NEVER would have been able to deal or to be a support.. or would have been able
     to communicate about it or anything.  Yet another reason Traci and I were brought together.

We WILL be okay. Peanut Butter WILL be okay. 

The inspection for the house was yesterday-- there are some issues.. we told the seller to fix or we walk. I hope he fixes.. I like the joint.


PS Sorry about all the swearing in previous posts. It happens.

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