Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fit and Able.

I received a call last week from Peanut Butters caseworker. Apparently BM had a psych evaluation and she was found to be a "fit and able mother". And then *poof* I was the Queen of England.. because that is RIDICULOUS.

CW stated that overnight visits may be granted if the judge agrees with the test.

The -- at minimum--NINTH psych evaluation she has done... she probably could have conducted it herself. This evaluation was supposed to happen in the "magical 90 day" period of time that they said she had in order to get all of the stuff done she needed. The judge played hardball and even had her sign something stating she was going to get it done in that time frame. 140 days later.. we have a psych evaluation.

This Judge/Courts/CW relationship with BM is starting to remind me of your typical Dr. Phil unhealthy teen and parent relationship you see flooding the tv's and, hell, facebook.. even in our own extended families. "I say you need to do this because I am the boss" then the kid doesn't.. then the parent gets mad... then threats are made... then the kid finally decides to kiss some ass.. and parent forgets all threats and nothing is followed through on. The court system is probably the closest thing to a parent that BM has ever had.

Pre-trial is today. Jury trial is next week.

After that I will have a better idea if Peanut Butter is going to stick around. I hope he does. I get sick every time I think otherwise.

In other news, Bean's mom is MIA. Yup people.. she is AWOL .. gone daddy gone. She has been "choosing a different location to lay her head" for about 2 weeks. I got an email from the caseworker that said this.. "I had a meeting with the visitation worker, and we have decided to stop  visits until BM returns".


You had to have a meeting to figure out that Bean and her BM can't have visits until BM returns? Lady- you are too smart for your own stinkin' good. Thankfully you went to college for this career.


But instead I said, "okay".

And then in tiny little letters underneath that I typed, "You sure are no Einstein, huh Suzy Putz?"

No..  you are right.. I didn't.



We bought a house.

I know. Crazy shit, huh?

A little tiny ranch in a cute little neighborhood that surrounds a park. We got it at a price that will afford us the ability to do some updates ... new windows.. and new light fixtures.. do something fun with the fireplace.. yanno, stuff like that. The basement is completely ready for a bathroom and to be finished off.  Here are some pictures :

Living Room


The dining room they are using as an office

first bedroom of three

2nd bedroom of 3

Back yard.

Before you know it we will have our little crazy family running around singing songs, laughing and breathing life into the walls.

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  1. Super awesome on the new house!!! Super sucky about dealing with these crazy CWs and how they still think these equally crazy BMs deserve some rights. I don't think the kids were taken from them for being Parent of the Year material, unilke the two of you for dealing with all this for them!