Friday, October 21, 2011

And then it ended....again.

Does a lesbian break up usually take almost 4 months? Good God.

She finally responded to my email (from yesterday) with this:

As far as Cosmo goes, you can pick him up here.  If anyone is here, you can grab him from the yard.  Our current situation is due to your choice and your decisions.  I am not going to make special arrangements because I have chosen to move on.  I shouldn't have to.

Please send me the PDF file with your information filed out and I will get the annulment done.

You hurt me deeper than I thought would ever be possible.  Conversation regarding Cosmo is all I can offer.  I have made that clear all along.

You wanted more.  I can't do that and have told you that.

No emails at work please.  Use my yahoo address.


(I like the part about not emailing her at work. I have ALWAYS emailed her at work. I guess it is different when her not supposed to be girlfriend works for her)
This was my response:
I'm not comfortable with that. 

That is all I can offer. 

And hers:
That is a shame.  I will make other arrangements for his daycare and weekends then.And my final response... to which I have heard nothing. And wont. I am sure of that:
There is a lot that is a shame in this situation. 

I can acknowledge my part in it.
It was hitting me like a ton of bricks lastnight. I honestly was spinning. I love my dog... but I am not going to be put into a situation that I am uncomfortable with. I am done over compensating. I realized how cold and emotional-less she is.
A chapter closed. Moving on to bigger and better!
Over the last 48 hours, my positive energy has gone away. I need to find it again, stat.


  1. The problem with lesbian relationships ending is they don't end as long as you have contact. It's hard to go forward when the past is in your face. Cosmo will be fine. You will be fine. Losing a dog sucks, but gaining your life rocks. Move forward and DON'T LOOK BACK (at least for right now.) Mic is obviously not ready to be mature and adult about the situation. Per her own admittance she is still looking through hurt (and angry) eyes.

  2. my lesbian break up lasted a year. So at least yours was only 4 months. :)
    What a nice start to your 38th year! Fresh and clean!!! Love you!!

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you tomorrow!!! XOXOXOXO