Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are you FREAKING HAPPY NOW?!?!??!?!

Why yes, I am.

I was driving around fake working yesterday, and I thought to myself ... my god, I am in love with my life. I may live in a crappy little apartment, and I owe too much on my credit cards. I may have an empty baby's room and a shower that sucks... but my god, I am happy.

Does it help that I have this amazing woman that is chasing me like a teenager in heat? Perhaps.. but that isn't all of it. I feel lighter, less spin-y, less clumsy and awkward. I feel like I am returning to who CIW was/is.

Does it help that this woman brings out that long lost CIW? I think so.

Okay- on to a more serious topic.

My birthday.

My old friend Nonny is coming into town for a few hours that day and we were going to go shopping and take a walk and explore a bit. I have found something different to do. On Pinterest (my addiction) I found a link to a woman who celebrated her 38th birthday by doing 38 random acts of kindness. I am totally copying it.. and Nonny is going to help me. I am SO EXCITED to do this, I can't STAND it (she is too!!!!). Here is the link to the blog.. And if you are anything like me.. get a hankie.

I will, of course, update here with how it went. I have started a list, and have 19 things planned. I hope to think of more and of course, have really random things happen the day of !!!!

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  1. Niiiice - can't wait to hear how it went!! Being chased by an amazing woman is a great feeling, enjoy that too!