Thursday, October 6, 2011


Fall has landed here in Wisconsin. My favorite time.. the only thing that ruins it, is that it is followed by effing snow. Then Cranky Casey appears. This year, maybe it will be different. Actually, I have a feeling it will.

Everything in my life seems to be lining up just wonderfully. The best part.. I am NOT waiting for the shoe to drop. This is life. Life is good. Does that mean I am out of debt, and have a smokin' place, and I am in the best health of my life? No. Does it mean that I am happy? Yes. The people surrounding me are super positive. They are smiley,happy, funny and roll with the punches.

It is amazing to me how much frame of mind changes things.

Check it...the owner of the company is taking the company to Las Vegas in January. WHAT THE WHAT? Yup. Full expense paid trip. Flight/hotel/extra money/food/shows/drinks.. drinks.. drinks. This guy knows how to have a good time. Check THIS: I am in charge of making all the plans. Downer:  I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO VEGAS. I am like a deer in the headlights. Have you googled ANYTHING about Vegas in the last 30 years? There is a shit ton of stuff to do... all claiming to be the fun-est. Is that a word? The most FUN. Whatever.

I need guidance. I need to have someone tell me fantastic things to do, and let me pass them off as my own ideas.

Ready.... GO!


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