Thursday, October 20, 2011

Isn't that some shit..

I walked in to the house... Let myself in just as I do every Wednesday. There on the counter was a rose and a card. I read the front of the card proclaiming the kind of love that was never expected but was true none the less. This card was from her new girlfriend. She must have forgotten to mention her when I would ask, "what's new?" and she would respond... "just working a lot".

Mic came in a few moments later. I goofed with her about her dating.. She seemed proud of herself. I asked who she first she wouldn't say. I said...oh don't have to! I don't need to know. She followed that up with don't know her. We work together. Mic works for a big corporation. She could get fired for this. She says that work doesn't know. It has only been two weeks.

I'm absolutely fine with this information....and in my head wondering what this woman is like. As I am looking at Mic I am remembering the start of our relationship. Practically all business just like it ended. I wonder if it is like that with the new girl.

She brings over 2 photos of her and says this is her... And this is her son.




I smile and say that she looks nice! That I am happy for them!

Mic is stalling now. I didn't realize it then, but now I understand what was happening. The paperwork wasn't right. She had to restart the computer twice...

I sit at the kitchen table. Waiting. Then a car pulls up, someone gets out, and a young woman walks right in.

I look at her pierced face, smile and introduce myself. She mumbles...I'm Nicole. I immediately notice the lack of eye contact and uncomfortableness. And how young she is.

I quickly gather up my things and tell mic that I can get this paperwork another day. That I will leave them alone, and told Nicole that it was a pleasure to meet her. She didn't know how to respond.

At first I brush it all off. Then I realize what just happened. I was set up. That was all done on purpose. I was put into an uncomfortable situation just like it was planned by mic. I text mic, "I am happy for you that you are dating and have found new love. I don't appreciate being put into an awkward situation and would ask that you let me know if she is going to be there when I pick up Cosmo.

Never a response.

That's how she rolls. I should have known that was going to happen.

I then text a friend...N... And ask N why didn't she tell me that mic was dating.. And she responds that she just found out on Saturday and mic asked her not to say anything. I respect that.

I vent. I had to.

She listens. She has to. She owes me from all the listening that I have done for her.

She proceeds to tell me that this girl is 14 years younger. Her son is 7. He doesn't live with her. Both of her parents are dead. She lives in mukwonago and that she is moving closer if not in with mic.

Two weeks my ass.

I voiced my frustration some more. N tells me that she needs to say something. That I am not going to like it- but I need to know. She says that I (meaning ME) have not said anything mean or negative about mic...and that at the bonfire at mics house (where N met Nicole) mic proclaims to the rest of the people there that I am a selfish bitch.


She told her friends that at a Bon fire- I can't imagine what else she has said.

She then proceeds to tell everyone that Nicole is teaching her all about handcuffs and whips and that she is becoming a new woman.

Apparently the woman who would barely kiss me goodnight and only hold my hand in a certain manor... And wear a full outfit to bed... And not allow me to even touch her breasts or see her naked...well, she is becoming a new woman.

6 years of following her rules. 6 years of trying to fit into a mold that simply wasn't me.

6 years and she cannot respond to a text message even pretending she is sorry for making me feel uncomfortable.

6 years...
And I am the selfish bitch.

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  1. Ugh - I'm sorry you got set up like that. That sucks.

    Keep the high road, and keep quiet about her (in person, obviously, vent away here LOL). It will be hard, but you are moving on, and that's good.

    Might be time to arrange for pet exchange at a local park or something... and give up the old house key... if those things are possible right now.

    And - from now on you know you'll be following your own rules, so you'll be surrounded by the kind of love you want. True.

  2. THIS is why I said you can do "friends" later. Or not. But not now. She is hurt and she is acting out. You only direct pain at people you are attempting to get emotion out of. You weren't a good fit together. And that hurts. But it's low to set you up. Way low. Even if it is done out of pain. Keep your chin up and KNOW, with everything you are, that you are doing the right thing for YOU! And as far as this floozy is concerned, she won't last. She's not an equal match for Mic and it's all about the sex. That will wear off VERY quickly and things will begin to fall apart. You would never rub your new romance in Mic's face and it speaks volumes about what kind of a person she is that she did it to you. I understand she's hurting, but that was disrespectful and it's pathetic.