Thursday, October 27, 2011


I can honestly say I believe my birthday RAOK was a big success! Friday night I stayed up making my famous chocolate chip cookies. Damn... these are GOOD cookies. The batch makes a ton of them.. and I got the recipe off of go there and search for "famous chocolate chip cookies". Try not to hear your ass get fatter when you read there are two cups of butter, 4 eggs and a crap ton of sugar and flower. Special ingredient... pudding. Man. You wont regret trying them!!!! I also made cards to go along with all of the "stuff" so, the recipients will know that what they stumbled upon was a random act of kindness.. and maybe they would pass it forward.

So, we delivered cookies, we put cute little cards on dressing room windows with coupons attached, cards and lottery tickets on cars in the children's hospital parking lot, cards and quarters on carts at Aldi and on vending machines and at laundromats held doors, allowed people to cross in traffic, handed out coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond.. and other little things like that!

I LOVED every moment of it. Of course, a lot of those things, we can't see the reactions of people.. but I can say that I do have great memories that are going to stick around for a long time. One of the best was simply being able to spend the day with Nonny. I missed her so much, and I think we both needed a day to just forget about life for a bit, talk, and have fun!!!

Here are a couple pictures from the day. I am always the picture taker, so you get to see the corner of my forehead, and my  beautiful friend!

My sister was making fun of my eyebrows. I guess, now that I see that picture of my forehead, I really need to get them taken care of. LOL. YIKES!

In other news.. I have put the drama with Mic behind me. Moving forward, only.

Also, I got a call for a foster baby last night on my way home from work. SUPER sad story. She is 11 months with many siblings. I was so excited, came home, got all my baby stuff out, prepared, paced, prayed and texted. Then.. 3 hours after getting the call.. I got a second one. A family member stepped forward and took her only. The other siblings went to other foster homes. My  heart broke immediately. These kids have been in and out of care for 11 years. Now someone steps up? Just for the baby?!?!  Those POOR KIDS. I cried quite a bit for them.. and prayed some more.

Now, tonight, I go home and de-baby my apartment.

I guess that is part of being a foster parent. Be ready for anything. I am sure that isn't the last time that will happen.

So, it has only been, what 2 weeks since I got re-licenced, and a first call is under my belt.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    May those children find love where they go... sending love and light to them and to you.

  2. So excited for you! I can't wait for January!

  3. Thanks gals!!! Are you really going to do it, CJ?!?! You are going to love it- and you are far more creative and crafty than I.. you are going to think of lots of things ;) There is some woman named Secret Agent L or something.. she has a blog.. she does like one a day! There are cute ideas on her site!!!!

  4. Thank you for posting flattering photos! I love you. Best day ever! Well, maybe a little too short.